Monday, March 30, 2015

I Feel Proud!

Today I shared the SOL challenge with my 3rd graders. I told them how it works and showed them a couple of my post. I explained that I have to go through the whole writing process every day, edit, revise, add details, and so on. I also told them how scary it was for me to start writing and I was worried about what others might think.

I think they thought it was cool! They loved that I wrote about them. They said things like, "I like your opening, it really made me want to keep reading" and "You are brave just like Desperaux(our current read aloud)."

It was fun to share with them. I want my kids to know that I am not only a reader but also a writer, just like I want them to be!


  1. Awesome!!! This is so very cool! I love that you shared your accomplishment with your kids!! I love that they were so excited for you!!

  2. It's great that you shared this writing accomplishment with your students. Maybe you'll want to challenge them to do a classroom-based challenge in their notebooks in May or June.

  3. Very cool. Having your students know that you experience the same things they do is HUGE!

  4. It's fun to share your joys and successes with the little people in our classrooms. I'm proud of you too Brittany! You set an example for other teachers, and I know your students will reap the benefits of this brave challenge.