Saturday, March 21, 2015


I have written about my daddy and my mother, so why not keep it in the family and tell you a little about my husband. We have been married for almost 8 years and I still think he is wonderful!! Not only is he a wonderful husband he is a exceptional father to our two children. I sometimes think husbands get a bad reputation. You know, "All they do is watch football, drink beer, and fart. And they definitely don't understand anything about being a woman." We've all heard it and some of us are even guilty of saying theses words. Mine does do all of these things BUT he also does laundry, bath time, bed time stories, and he builds Legos(Just to name a few).

He sometimes has to travel for work. Typically he's gone 3-4 days, about once a month. This time he is traveling for TWO weeks. He's never been away from the kids for this long. We are in the middle of his travels and boy has life been more difficult. I am so used to having a second set of hands so I have been facing a hard reality these last few days. I miss him!

I know I can't complain about two weeks when our world is full of single mothers who experience this daily and military families that are away from their spouses for months at a time. I definitely have a new appreciation for families that experience this with worse circumstances than me.


  1. Loved this post! Husbands DO get a bad rap! Yours id definitely a keeper, for sure! I love when I see my husband playing tea party or making a fort with my daughter. Melts my heart. :-)

  2. So glad your husband is an active participant in parenting! My husband was too...and b/c of this, he has an incredible relationship with his kids! Great post!

  3. Hang in there. Remember how great it is to not solo parent all the time. Use you support system. He'll be home soon!

  4. We really know what we appreciate about them when they are gone, don't we? Hope these two weeks pass quickly. I know how hard this is! You wrote a very sweet piece about him.