Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break Day 1

Please don't judge me for any of the information I am about to divulge and remember it's called Spring BREAK for a reason.

I took my kids to school today(does this make me a bad mom??) for a very short time, 10AM-3PM. I finished re-reading Insurgent, re-watched Divergent, and watched two episodes of Grey's Anatomy that I was behind on.

Although I laid in bed the majority of the day, I was a LITTLE productive. I ran a couple of errands, found some time for the treadmill, and baked my mom gluten free brownies.

Part of me feels guilty but a bigger part of me feels like this day of relaxation was very much needed and very well deserved!!

Happy Spring Break to me!


  1. I don't think that makes you a bad mom, but instead a mom who knew she needed some time - a break to unwind, reboot, and embrace all the good there is. I think you were brave, that 's not easy for everyone to do.

  2. No reason for guilt! You will even enjoy it more when you realize it is deserved and good for everyone. A happy mom helps to make happy kids. Sounds like you found some great ways to rejuvenate and still be a bit productive. (Plus, I am jealous. Our break is still three weeks away.)

  3. Once again, you wow me with your brave sharing Brittany! I applaud you for practicing self-care, and I think shaming ourselves or others for our parenting decisions is unproductive and unhelpful. You are a rockstar mama and your kids will be happier, whole people because you model what it means to be healthy.