Thursday, March 19, 2015


Today I spent the day with my momma! I am fortunate to have a wonderful mother. Not only that, my mom is fortunate to have a wonderful mother and my mom's mom was fortunate enough to have a wonderful mother as well. My grandmother is in her 70's and I had my Great Grandmother until I was 19. That means all of my life I have been surround by women who are an excellent example of what a mother should be.

As I have gotten older and have become a mother I understand my mother better. Her lectures and words of wisdom mean something to me now, even though I didn't quite understand them when I was a teenager. I often thought she had no idea what she was talking about or she just didn't understand. Now, she is the first person I can when I need advice. Now, I get it!

I think no matter how old we are we have a tendency to take our mothers for granted. At least, I know I do. It's not that I'm meaning to, I think it's just that my mom has ALWAYS gone out of her way to provide for me and that hasn't changed (even though I am 29, married, and a mother of 2). I really don't even realize I take her for granted until I reflect on some of our times together.

I know not everyone is this fortunate. I have friends who do not have any relationship with their mom or kids at school that don't even know who their mom is. I can't even imagine what that would be like. I think people who have this kind of relationship with their mothers are EXCEPTIONAL in their own ways. They may be stronger and more independent than me. They learn so find other ways to solve their problems and learn to build strong relationships with friends and family. 

I hope that I can so selflessly live up to my Mom. I want my kids to know I love them and would do anything for them.


  1. March 21st in Mothers' Day in the Arab world so this is very timely! Glad you not only have a great relationship, but that you appreciate it.

  2. How interesting. We celebrate in May!