Monday, March 2, 2015

Dr. Seuss is a GIRL??

As most of you know, today is a day to celebrate the one and only Dr. Seuss. He is a writing genius that continues to touch hearts and inspire children and adults all around the world. My most memorable Dr. Seuss moment happened on my last day of college. It was during my reading class and my instructor read, Oh, The Places You'll Go! to our whole class. It's a memory I will never forget and it taught me the importance of books!! I loved the rhyme and crazy illustrations in the text but most of all I love the message.

I read this book every year to my 3rd graders and today I asked my kids their thoughts about the message of the story.....

"Never give up on your dreams, there are bad things that can happen in your life but you have to keep going, and always keep trying no matter what happens in your life" are just a few of their responses.

No matter how young or old, these are important things to remember!

After today, I may have a NEW most memorable Dr. Seuss moment.. Apparently, my (barley) 5 year old celebrated Dr. Seuss at his school as well. When I picked him up he looked like this.....

On our car ride home we had a discussion about Dr. Seuss and I explained that he was a famous author that wrote many children's book and I gave some examples. After a few moments Tyler said, "Dr. Seuss is a GIRL! I know because the real Dr. Seuss came to visit our school today and she was a girl" I started explaining the facts and then realized he was not giving up on his argument. I decided it was best to give up and focus on the big picture. 

My 5 year old is learning about books and authors and celebrating their importance. What more can I ask for?


  1. I love that you share your passion for reading!! It is evident in the students who come to 4th grade as book lovers. Thank you for that!

  2. The innocence of our youngest learners is precious. Tyler's Dr. Suess hat makes me smile. He's a lucky little boy to have a mama who has showered him with books, words, and love since birth. My feminist side likes the idea of Dr. Suess being a girl!

  3. And you have it in writing to completely embarrass him with later in life. Love it!

  4. that cracked me up. smart though to know when it's not worth holding to a position -- and as Kristi says, you have it in writing for later