Friday, March 13, 2015

Bedtime Stories

With a 5 year old and a 9 month old bedtime can get a little hectic at our house. We try to stick to a  routine to strategically get everyone in bed by 9:00.

No matter how crazy it is, bed time stories are a big deal. Sometimes Daddy is chosen to read and sometimes I am. I am always a little offended when my 5 year old does not pick me. After all, I am the reading teacher.

On the very rare night when our perfectly thought out and strategically planned routine ACTUALLY goes as planned, we all get to enjoy a bed time story together! These nights are my favorite!


  1. Yes, bedtime stories are so important...and how cool that your husband gets chosen sometimes to be the reader. Loved the picture. Jackie

  2. Nothing like a bedtime story and who cares if it's a stall technique to get to stay up a bit longer. Wish I had some of those nights back. Enjoy your little ones. It all goes by so fast. Mine are grown and my grandsons are teenagers, except for the youngest one that lives far, far away in Kauai. Happy Weekend! D :)

  3. It is bed timestory time in our house right now, but now my night so I get to read about your bedtime stories!