Thursday, March 19, 2015

Baseball Season!

It's here and in full effect! I'm not talking about Texas Rangers Spring training either. I'm talking 6U Dodgers baseball.....
Tyler-Back left, holding the baseball

It's such a fun time of year and it makes my all giddy inside watching Tyler play! I think they are absolutely precious. More that the cuteness, I think team activities and an essential life skill and I'm happy Tyler is learning about this early in life.

Tonight little sister made her first practice of the year. She is her brother's #1 fan!
That's brother running bases in the background!



  1. Spring is a great time of the year. Baseball brings with it the excitement of spring. Great photos and so cute!

  2. Love the pic, so fun to see their different expressions. Brother's #1 fan - what a cutie!

  3. Love the way your family supports each other by showing up and being enthusiastic. I also agree that team sports are important for the life lessons of working together. Glad he is enjoying it.

  4. You are such a great mama. I can sense your enthusiasm and zest for the game. That picture of Kaley is too cute. Her smile is so full of light and life.